Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Topshop for Nordstrom

Recently, one of my favorite stores collaborated with another one of my favorite stores. Topshop and Nordstrom. Topshop defines my style so well, trendy and a bit edgy while still maintaing the classic and polished look. Nordstrom always has been one of my favorite stores also, the range in clothing and shoes is beyond me. With three full levels of everything from the BP department to salon shoes you are bound to find something. I immediately fell in love with Topshops collection at Nordstrom so today I picked out three pieces from it: a jacket, skirt and a pair of overalls, and styled them.
 The first piece I chose was this anorak style camo jacket, this type of jacket may have to be one of my favorite trends for fall. You just have to be careful when wearing it because it could come off as a bit too masculine sometimes but when styling it too girly it could look awkward. So, I paired it with a neutral color scheme but feminine silhouettes like this leather circle skirt and mesh top. 
 The second piece was this beautiful metallic skirt, this outfit could work for day or night. My mind went right to a peplum when I saw this skirt, however something over the peplum top would amp up this outfit even more. It's hard to layer with a peplum so I chose this cropped leather jacket, not taking away from the peplum.
The last piece are these great overalls. Overalls are so easy to style in the summer but in the fall and winter it could be a bit hard so I chose a simply burgundy button up for underneath threw over a gorgeous fur vest. To make the outfit even more "warm" you could put on a pair of tights or knee socks.

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