Saturday, April 11, 2015

London Calling

Wearing: Forever 21 jacket and shirt, American Apparel pants, Nordstrom bag, Adidas sneakers

This outfit marks the first of my many "Europe" outfit posts. As  I stated in my last post, about a week ago I came back from an  8 day trip to Europe visiting London, Paris, and Barcelona. This specific outfit was taken in front of the Tate Modern and in a couple of these photos you can even see St. Paul's peeking from behind. For a day of non stop exploring I kept it comfortable (as I seem to do always) and wore these lightweight, high waisted silk pants from AA and, not surprisingly, a turtleneck. I threw over this jacket from Forever 21 which has become an absolute obsession of mine, I love the effortless, casual vibe that it gives off.


  1. Have you ever tried using anything vintage in your looks? I really like your style, on my blog I try to use clothes from 60s and 70s, and pair them with new clothes, you can see the effects on Feel free to visit and let me know what you think. Kisses.

  2. That's some lovely stylizations you've got there, they'd work great with some of my jewellery, check it out at