Friday, April 25, 2014

Harvard Square

Wearing: Nordstrom top, sweater and pants / Topshop shoes / Ray-Ban sunglasses

There could not be a better location to go along with this outfit. Standing right in front of Harvard, the iconic university, and wearing my quintessential go-to outfit for school, cotton trousers and a thick sweater paired with slip-ons. Three of five days out of the school week you can catch me wearing some altered version of this ensemble. But, now that the weather has stopped fooling all of us and warm weather is here to stay, I'll have to swap out my sweaters and trousers for something else. Lets see how mother nature influences my dressing habits in weeks to come. 


  1. Nice:)) x

  2. Love the shoes!
    Hmm...the temperature just dropped this week for us, but I hope it looks up soon :)