Thursday, April 17, 2014

Overalls and Jellies

 Wearing: Denim overalls (similar), Forever 21 shirt (similar), Juju Jelly Sandals, purse from Asos

To buy or not to buy jellies? I have been asking myself this question since last year and my preference has changed day by day. Finally, I fell upon these white heeled Juju's at American Apparel and justified them by thinking about how I have not bought a pair of sandals this year yet. And I was in desperate need. Now looking back, this is pretty ironic considering the fact that I wore socks with them, which does not completely classify these sandals as, well, sandals. Anyway, I am satisfied with my choice and will probably feature them in many upcoming blog posts because I think they are slightly tricky to style. 


  1. Great lovely:)) x

  2. I want jellies but I also don't...I love how they look but I'm afraid that I might not find them comfortable (how are they on the comfort level?) I still drool after them though...And I love how you styled them with the overalls! I'm feeling throw-back-ish vibes...but in the best way possible. Love this look so much :)

    1. I'm going to be completely honest and no, they are not comfortable at all haha! But they are not that expensive so give them a shot :)

    2. ahh nooo -- yea I might just snag an inexpensive pair to try the look out this summer :)

  3. Love those overalls! Cute outfit :)