Sunday, December 22, 2013



w e a r i n g : American Apparel skirt, Urban Outfitters vest & shirt, H&M boots

Soo.. to say I was excited for the beautiful seventy degree weather today is an understatement. I knew I could not waste such weather by wearing jeans or a chunky sweater, because trust me, I get my fair share of those two. I opted for a simple black skirt with tights underneath paired with a simple striped crop top and a vest (both from UO). Considering this "temperature rewind", this outfit was the perfect amount of coverage for today, not too warm nor cold. Also, I cannot go without mentioning these chelsea boots from H&M that I've yet to show on here, for $30 these boots are the ideal fall/winter go-to. The amount of use I have gotten out of these blows my mind, they are probably the most "beat up" pair of shoes I own, and I say that proudly. 

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