Sunday, October 13, 2013

Out of the Blue

Wearing: Asos loafers, Free People socks, Forever 21 pants, kimono & button up

Something about the blue in my outfit contrasting with the yellow taxis in the background make these photos just that more engaging. Citi bikes and taxis= "typical NYC" in my head. These photos were taken by the lovely Sabrina of DreamInspireDesire. I met Sabrina through HerCampus, we are both high school ambassadors for the program and not so ironically we both take classes at FIT on Saturdays; a perfect chance for some outfit-photo taking. I am planning on doing a formal post on HerCampus soon once I get settled into the program. Anyways, be sure to check out Sabrina's blog, not only does she have great style but she's an amazing photographer!
 I went for a relaxed look yesterday by making my favorite pair of denim trousers the base and working from there. Often my "strategy" to formulating outfits is to start with a "base piece" and "pair from there". I'm considering also making a  post about this because I frequently get asked "how do you pick out your outfits?" and I feel a bit uncomfortable explaining my tedious procedure to strangers.

 -Michaela Christine

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