Friday, May 17, 2013

Nails, Roses and Pearls, Oh My!

Here's just some pictures from my most recent project which was to create a topiary for a pair of shoes, in the end a shoe display is formed. For my shoes I chose Dr. Martens, my patent leather 1460's to be exact. The notion behind my display was that I wanted to exhibit the contrast between "soft and hard" or "sweet and edgy"; essentially to portray how Docs can work for numerous types of people with increasingly different styles. I translated the contrast by using red roses, pearls, and a light, airy fabric with oversized nails and black sand. My favorite aspect of this display is the red roses because although they are considered more on the "girly" side, I feel that they can be easily interpreted as edgy at the same time, think of Betsey Johnson for example. In my opinion they are a good transition piece between pearls and nails which are polar opposites. 

Wanna create your own? Probably not, but just in case your curious of the materials I used to create this, here you go:
-glass vase
-black sand (from Michael's)
-artificial flowers (from Michael's)
-sphere topiary balls (from Michael's) painted black and covered in black sand
-wooden dowl
-(sign) foam core with a gold chain wrapped around it
-a strand of pearls that were cut individually
-oversized nails (home depot)

-Michaela, TheCityCloset

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