Monday, May 27, 2013

A Tropical Contrast

Wearing: Necessary Clothing top / H&M pants / Topshop sandals / RayBan Sunglasses

I know I can't claim everything I post "my favorite" but this is yet again another combination that I wouldn't have a problem wearing everyday. I feel that pretty much anything with a black and white combo, whether it'd be printed pants or a shirt like this one, seamlessly pairs great with anything colored, printed, etc. Something else black and white that I can't get enough of are these sandals from Topshop, (which I've mentioned before), definitely a style that isn't for everyone but when done right I think they can come across as cool to most people. Or to people like me, cool while sitting on the shelves. That's another thing about fashion I love, how you can get people to look twice or change their mind completely on something they were probably so dead against, and get them to think outside of the box.

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