Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013: Michaela's Top Picks

Last night was not only the launch of the MET's 2013 fashion exhibition titled "Chaos to Couture" for VIP's (such as the ones below) but with it came along the Superbowl for fashion enthusiasts everywhere, the Met Gala. This years theme was punk, hence the title of the exhibit, which the majority of these very-important-people interpreted extremely differently. 
The first "category" I took notice of was the gothic punk approach which consisted of black ensembles and in these cases, crazy hair. Although Lily's look can be seen as overdone I think the dress itself and layering the jacket for the occasion. As for Anne, who chose a vintage Valentino gown and channeled her inner Miley (who's up next) didn't push the "goth" too far, just the right amount I'd say. All in all, I think her look is perfection, the dress is stunning, her makeup is on point and her hair really topped it all off. Last in this category we have Miley, not surprised by her dress choice, a mesh Marc Jacobs gown which suited her faultlessly. Her crazy hair may of been questionable but I didn't think it was too bad. 

My personal favorite, the ones who took an angelic approach to this event, at least in my opinion. By angelic I mean white, obviously, and mixing in punk with femininity and elegance. For all four of these ladies, hair and makeup did the trick to transform their look from "elegant" to "punk". The best example is Rooney Mara in a Givenchy gown with dark, slicked back locks and dark, vampy makeup (the cherry on the top of the cake). A+ for Rooney Mara. Same thing goes for Nicole Richie in a Topshop gown and her newly died purplish-gray hair and equally as vampy lips. As for the extremely tasteful Katie Holmes and Haille Steinfeld, makeup was the focal point in addition to their staggering dresses.
Last we have "the best of the rest", basically the ones who didn't fit into a category but still made it into my list of top 11. Although the entire world may beg to differ on this one, I think Kristen Stewart's look was great. Her monochromatic makeup+jumpsuit look screamed "Kristen" and fit into the theme of punk seamlessly. Jennifer Lawrence and her net headpiece also dipped into just the right amount of punk for her, you can tell she stayed true to herself in a Dior dress but wasn't trying to hard at all. And also, we can't forget about my girl Alexa. Alexa did it right, yet again, in an Erdem dress that exemplified her personal style, sweet but masculine. As always we save the best for last, Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs showed up as partners in crime, although not really "punk", the duo looked fashion-foward with Sofia in a Marc Jacobs silk pajama suit and Marc in a polka dot suit. 

-Michaela, TheCityCloset

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