Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Twin Blogging

After realizing that my two new favorite blogs both involve the new fad in blogging which is "twin blogging" as I call it, I felt it was appropriate to dedicate a whole post to this. "Twin blogging"  in the cases I'm referring to are pretty simple, they are two girls who either extremely close friends or sisters and do everything together. Essentially, you can't rip them apart. At fashion week I shot some pictures of Kastor&Pollux, the girls I'll be introducing, and they wouldn't even let you take a pic of them separated! The coolest part of all of this is their coordinated outfits. Not matchy, matchy outfits but say if one girl is wearing pink pants, the other is wearing a pink top, or both can be wearing one specific item the same and the rest of the outfit completely different. And I have to say, both of these sets of girls are doing it right. 

These sun-kissed Aussie sisters named Jess and Stef are probably my girl crushes of the moment. I haven't been a big fan of bright colors, or color in general lately but they changed my mind around entirely. More than likely it is because of this horrendous weather. Oh, and did I forget to say that it is summer in Australia right now? Just a little envious. My wardrobe is sure to change when the temperature reaches the 70's and I'm actually able to function outside thanks to these girls. Their style: chic, fashion forward all while remaining quirky. Being chic and quirky at the same time is not an easy one to pull off. 

Like I said, my first glimpse of these ladies was at NYFW and I was impressed from the second I saw their business card (um, it was holographic...). Their names are Dani and Bianca, and I give them a massive amount of credit because practically every outfit shot they post, it's snowing, and they look pretty cold. Despite that, they're really sweet girls and even have their own store. Check it out on their blog, their pieces are minimalistic but statement making, my type of clothing.  Their style: street style meets simplicity... all while being a little eccentric. The photos below are from NYFW, that's why it's not snowing...

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