Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Suitable Sweats

AWxHM and Uniqlo

Because the urban-sport trend has been going strong for quite some time, it seemed inevitable to fade out sometime soon. But, thanks to two widely acclaimed designers, this trend is clearly not moving anywhere fast. Alexander Plokhov launched a collection for Uniqlo titled "Urban Comfort" this September and as you are probably familiar with-most likely thanks to your Instagram feed-Alexander Wang for H&M will be coming out early November. Plokohv's collection reinvents the concept of loungewear by creating sweatpants with cool cuts and sweatshirts featuring high necks. Socially acceptable sweatshirts? What could be better? While Wang still pays homage to the sport trend through a colorless (color) palette, leggings and shirts plastered with "Wang" on the front and puffer jackets (hey, even a sports bra was thrown into the mix). Congratulations. Your gym attire is now Wang-ified. 

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