Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shades of Cool

Wearing: SheInside sweater, Topshop top, American Apparel pants, Adidas sneakers, Asos purse, Quay sunglasses, Zara necklace

In my attempt to steer away from wearing blacks and grays , I have quickly adopted an affection towards blue tones. Be it navy or pastel blue, you best believe that it will wind up in my closet. These pants from American Apparel and powder blue crop top from Topshop are a prime example. Because the weather was verging on bi-polar on this particular New York day, this long-lined sweater was the perfect option to throw over. To top everything off my superstar's were a no-brainer, whenever I am in doubt of what shoes to wear these babies always seem to be a go-to.