Monday, October 13, 2014

Little Black Tee

Wearing: eShakti shirt, Asos pants, Adidas sneakers, Topshop necklace

It is inevitable that every girl needs a little black dress, right? Well, what about the perfect little black tee? Fortunately, I just discovered mine thanks to an amazing website called eShakti. eShakti offers a shocking variety of choices not only in styles but also in sizing. By having the option to input your measurements you'll be sure to receive a dress or shirt tailored just for you... try out eShakti's items for yourself using the coupon code 'bymichaelachristine' to get 10% off! This shirt has the balance I always seek when getting dressed between the edgy mesh and feminine floral detailing. I paired my little black tee with these grid pants from Asos and my Adidas superstars for a sporty vibe. But, to contrast the sporty-ness I made sure to add on my pearl choker from Topshop. 

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