Saturday, November 23, 2013

Proud in Plaid


w e a r i n g: Urban Outfitters dress, Forever 21 sweater, Dr. Marten shoes, Topshop hat

Plaid this season has thankfully deferred from the flannel craze. Although I was slightly tired of the flannel, I have to say I miss absent-mindedly throwing on a flannel with just about anything and walking out of the house. Flannels were a go-to for me to say the least. This season plaid is appearing in not very expecting forms, including pants, sweaters, coats, dresses, you name it.
Today I was willing to risk frost-bite because I was just so tired of wearing pants, I get like that.. a lot. Something I am "if-y" about at the moment is thigh highs, I cannot tell if I love them or, well, don't. But due to my aversion to pants today it seemed that thigh highs were my only option. Tell me, how do you feel about thigh highs, or even knee highs for that matter this season? Old news or no?

Photos c / o Sabrina of DreamInspireDesire

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