Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dot Marc Jacobs Perfume Display

A tad bit delayed to me but brand spanking new to you guys! I made this display for my In-Store Merchandising class last Spring, the assignment was to choose a perfume and create a display based off of it. Evidently I chose Dot by Marc Jacobs and decided to create basically a "giant" sized and modified version of the bottle on a dress form. If you're wondering, which you probably are, yes, the top of the dress form has a ball from the dollar store attached to it in which I stuck black vinyl dots all over it. The "wings" as I refer to them as are simply a hard-type of paper (hand cut) that I covered in black vinyl and the "Marc Jacobs" logo which my professor and I tried our best to duplicate and the other vinyl dots were all hand put on and eyeballed for straightness by myself. This is probably one of my favorite projects I've ever completed most likely because I did not think the execution would turn out the way it did. 

Michaela Christine

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