Sunday, April 7, 2013

Components of the Sports Luxe Look (in chronological order)

By far my favorite trend for this upcoming spring season is the sports luxe look, the perfect mix between casual and chic. Comfort is also a big plus too. But, sometimes the latest trends don't come easy to many. Today I going to show you how I would classify this trend and obviously how to wear it! 
The first step is getting the right pair of sneakers. Yes, sneakers. One of the two critical pieces to this ensemble. Go with what you have. But, if you have the opportunity to buy a pair, I think high tops in neutral colors work the best. The ones below are: Adidas, Supra, Jeffrey Campbell and H&M. (It won't be to long before I own the H&M ones for $34!) This is the easiest step because you just work your way up from here. 

Second step: bottoms. Decide what you feel comfortable in. My personal favorite for this look is leather shorts, ugh, just seeing them make me want to rip them off of my screen. If you like the whole, skirt and sneaker look (Hello, Kristen Stewart!) them go for it. If that's not for you and you want to try something a little more risky then go for runner inspired shorts like the ones below, you can get these at American Apparel or Topshop. Just make sure to balance it out on top to make it look like you're not going for an actual run.

Third step: tops. This is where your bottoms and sneakers come into play. The chicness of your bottoms or the casualness of your bottoms should lead you into the direction of what shirt to pair with your outfit. For the skirt, go with a more graphic top to amp up the casualness. For the running shorts, go with a polished button up or any shirt that you think gives the outfit a bit of girly-ness and chicness. For the leather shorts anything really goes, my best bet for those however would be a cool crop top, something with a high neck or cool detailing. Just experiment and see what works. Only thing to keep in mind is balance the look from being too tomboy or too feminine. 

Last step (my favorite): The icing to the cake in my opinion, choosing the right baseball cap. You know my affinity for baseball caps already so I don't need to explain but for this look in particular a baseball cap really just pulls the whole outfit together. This should be your last step because the cap you choose should be based entirely on your outfit. It's pretty simple, look in the mirror, if you feel more on the "tomboy" side, choose one of the printed caps below on the left (all from Charlotte Russe) to add a touch of femininity. If you feel more on the girly side choose a more masculine (but still cool) cap like a Boy London, Supreme, or leather one. All of this is done solely to create that perfect balance your aiming for in your look.

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  1. I think every now and again, we all feel a little sporty. Typically, I wouldn't wear this type of look. However, there are times when I do feel like rocking a pair of sneakers and a cap. This post gives good ideas on what to wear with that.