Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lusting over Vagabonds

Before I get started I wanted to quickly point out how many shoes I've noticed on this blog. While scrolling through I just found shoes after shoes after shoes. I know my shoe obsession has developed quite a bit, it grows every day I think, but, after this post, I going to try to steer away from shoes. Anyway, that's beside the point. Today I wanted to quickly mention a new brand of shoes I discovered called Vagabond. I first saw these at Urban Outfitters and they quickly made their way over to Solestruck not to long after. These shoes are my style in a nutshell. They are fashion forward, they have a futuristic vibe to them, they posses either a chunky heel or flatform heel (both in which I have a strong fondness of) and the best part, most of their shoes come in white. And at this moment, me and white shoes just click (if you haven't noticed). One thing is for sure though, they are most definitely not everyone's style. But, hey, who cares? If I could get my hands on every single style in this collection I would.

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