Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Shoe Haul

Here are just the shoes I got for Christmas this year, I'm not planning on doing an actual Christmas haul of everything so I'm just doing shoes, because you all know how obsessed with shoes I here it is!

Jeffrey Campbell Everly's in white- these boots in white are exclusive at Ashbury Skies and I thank god I found them because they are so unique and just gorgeous

Topshop at Nordstrom Assure Ultimate- I wanted these particularly because of the color, I've wanted to find a pair of boots in a cognac-ish color that I actually loved since I've been drawn to black boots a lot more lately

Dr. Martens 1960 in patent black- really no explanation is needed for these, been eyeing these for the longest time and are so versatile, which I love

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Autumn loafer- when I saw these on Urban for 30 bucks I couldn't pass them up, and they're so comfortable, another thing about these is the color, the color navy is definitely topping my favorite color list this season

TUK creepers- a little late on this trend I'll say but I didn't know if they were worth getting because I wasn't sure if I would wear them enough, but Christmas is always the perfect time to ask for things you're not positive about...right? Overall I really enjoy wearing them and styling them, so disregard the part about me saying I was if-y about them I guess :)

Nasty Gal Wildcat loafers- playoff from the Charlotte Olympia flats as I mentioned in an earlier post, not the most comfortable flats but they look amazing on!

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