Saturday, July 26, 2014

Normcore: the ultimate irony

Your mom's turtlenecks, dad's Adidas slip-ons, and your little brothers sweatpants are all great options if you want to try out this new phenomenon. W Magazine featured an editorial in their August 2014 issue on normcore: the new era in fashion which is influenced by stay-at-home moms and soccer coach dads. Soo high fashion, I know. We have been seeing bits and pieces of this trend slowly come about between the Birkenstock rage and mom jeans fad (two of my personal favorites) but, recently, it is finally coming full circle. A typical normcore inspired look would consist of an oversized sweater (preferably high-necked), some type of ill-fitting pant, and slip-on sandals. Oh, and for an extra touch add some socks. Although the models in the W spread were wearing average priced Adidas on their feet and photographed in stereotypical looking kitchens and living rooms, they were wearing $60,000 Dior coats on top. Now, that's the kind of irony I like. Some may find this to be a bit contradictory, but, I on the other hand, think it is ingenius.

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  1. I really like this post and how they mixed their high street fashion with other brands !