Saturday, October 13, 2012

Current Wants

Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA the past few days, I promise more OOTD's to come! For now I just wanted to list some of my current "wants" for fall. Of course, I know I won't get all of these items soon so I just push them back to my Christmas list (72 days!). 

Although this is sort of pricey for just a shirt that I won't get to wear often, I will make myself wear it often because of the price, and hey, it has Karl's face on the front, how much better can you get?

I have a smaller, gold Casio watch now and I wear it so much, I am in love with it so I definitely want a bigger one that is silver

I only have one pair of docs right now and love them, other than the fact that they hurt my feet terribly, but that's beside the point, I would collect them if I could and desperately want another pair!

I never really liked creepers but I've gotten into them recently and despite how much I hate leopard I kind of like it on these because they are much more "grungey" than "leopardy"

I adore the contrasting sleeve look on jackets... especially with this cargo/military fabric 

 All I want is a jacket that is adorable and can keep my warm, and I think a parka can do the trick, some fur won't hurt either!
Last we have the Wang look-a-like, the Alexa bag from BagInc. This thing is gorgeous.

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