Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Twiggy! This 60s model makes for the perfect costume, the most important piece of this outfit is the false eyelashes, which you would need to go extreme with since her eyelashes ARE extreme. The other thing to make sure to do is to put your hair all the way back with just a small bun in the back of your head to make it appear that you have no hair, like Twiggy.

I think we can all guess who this is.. Karl Lagerfeld! You should have all of these things in your closet, or your dad's (the tie), with the exception of the black leather fingerless gloves which make the outfit!

This is a little bit of a different costume, only a few would be able to appreciate it. Personally I love Bill Cunningham so I thought this outfit was the perfect idea, really simple also. The key to this costume is the camera around your neck!

Of course, the infamous Audrey Hepburn, for this costume you may need to go out and buy a few things, like the crown, stick, gloves...But it makes for an amazing costume!

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